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ATMIYA University has aspiration to meet the growing and diverse educational needs of the community through the provision of innovative learning opportunities along with inculcation of ethical, human & spiritual values enabling the students and employers to build productive careers. The Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Commerce imparting quality education while encouraging students towards original & innovative thinkers. We seek to mould independent thinkers and compassionate leaders into socially responsible innovators through holistic approach of inculcating professional ethics among our students.

We have designed our programmes to present each student with a variety of experiences across fields and disciplines. Trans-disciplinary, research-driven, Case based & project-based learning provide an opportunity to forge their own academic path and advance their career goals. The course structure of programmes has a judicious mix of theoretical and practical reasoning to meet the industry requirements which gives comprehensive insights to management thinkers.

Department of Commerce under Faculty of Business & Commerce (FoBC) offers B.COM. and B.COM (Logistics). It provides education by developing and nurturing a culture of excellence in teaching, training and research.


Unique Features of Management Programmes


We blend hard skills & soft skills among our students to make them more competitive & proficient. The salient Features of FOBC –Department of Management are following

  • 23 Acre Lush green Wi-Fi enabled Centrally located Residential Campus
  • MoU with Many Foreign University for international Exposure
  • More than 250 + National recruiters visited our campus for placement
  • Stress less & discussion based Innovative pedagogy
  • Doctorate  & Highly experience faculty
  • Live Projects & Case Based Study
  • Innovative Saturday – Platform to showcase learning into practice
  • Association with CII, RMA, AMA & EDI
  • Communication Lab
  • Management Club System for career focus
  • Regular interactions with captains of corporate world
  • 360 degree evaluation  & Development


The Infrastructure

  • The University Campus is spread over 23 acres of lush green land and has a build-up area of more than 42,000 The campus fulfils all the norms of the governing bodies in terms of infrastructure, equipment and modern amenities. The campus provides a perfect educational environment which is free from any type of pollution and is easily accessible.


  • Library

The library is equipped with all facets which make it one of the best sources of knowledge of temple. For dedicated Management department we have more than 2650 titles and 15250 books act as a support to the educational and research programs of its institute by providing access to information that is consistent with the present and anticipated educational and research functions. We have dedicated facility of students reading rooms and access of license of e-books of more than 4 Lac.   Students on campus can avail the facility of specialized collection of books, international & national journals subscribed annually.


  • Classroom

Classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive. We provide well IT enable ventilated, comfortable and state of the art ideal classrooms where students can come together to work with positive, organized, outgoing, confident and compassionate attitude with a joyous experience.


  • Computer Lab

We have fully equipped computer labs to meet specific requirements like Psychometric Test, Research Works, Data Analysis through SPSS, Company specific tests for placement & course specific technological needs if any.


  • Fitness Centre

The University have modern fitness centre accessible to the hostel students.


  • Other Facilities

We emphasises on the overall development of the students by organizing extracurricular activities round the year for our students like cultural activities, sports activities, celebration of national days, social activities such as blood donation drives, Swachh Bharay Abhiyaan, etc. We have well equipped with the necessary state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate of these activities.


  • Providing excellent and skill based commercial education.
  • Train the students with required levels of competence for employment in both domestic and global market.
  • Global perspective through value based education for social transformation.


  • To provide competency-driven education, a core component of our growth and success.
  • Leveraging our knowledge and resources to provide experiential learning, immersion and other collaboration opportunities.
  • Offering the best professional development and career management opportunities for our students.
  • Committing to continuous improvement through stakeholder engagement, industry relations, and assurance of learning across all programs.
  • Fostering the growth of faculty and staff through professional development plans and programs.


  • Department of Management is student – centric or learner – centric as compared to the traditional form of education which has always been more teacher – centric.
  • Department of Management makes teaching-learning process more experiential and participative.

Graduate Attributes

  • Gain and apply the knowledge of business, accounting, finance, management, taxation to find solution of complex business problems.
  • Design, identify, formulates, research and analyse complex business problems to reach substantiated conclusions.
  • Equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business.
  • Ability to apply, understand and use modern tools and technologies.
  • Understanding the impact of commercial activities on environment and sustainability.
  • Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities.
  • Ability to perform effectively as a leader and also a team member.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and correspond in business environment.
  • Knowledge and ability to have successful career in all business, accounting, finance, etc
  • Ability to pursue higher education and research.
  • Ability to engage in lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Communication capabilities
  • Critical and Reflective Thinking
  • Knowledge Integration
  • Ethical Reasoning

Scope of the Program

  • Financial Advisor
  • Auditing
  • Entry level jobs in the corporate
  • Senior Accountant
  • Consulting
  • Qualify for professional courses
  • PG Program
  • Entrepreneurship & Start ups
Dr. Jayesh N. Zalavadia
Head & Associate Prof
Dr. Joshi Alpa V
Asst. Prof
Dr. Erda Chirag V.
Asst. Prof
Dr. Thaker Jayen K.
Asst. Prof
Dr. Mulchandani Jagdish M.
Asst. Prof
Dr. Ranpura Jay A.
Asst. Prof
Devani Sapna J
Asst. Prof
Barai Prarthana K.
Asst. Prof
Popat Bhavin
Asst. Prof
Vyas Viral
Asst. Prof
Tanna Chandani K.
Asst. Prof
Dave Parth K.
Asst. Prof
Dr. Sandeep Kumar
Asst. Prof
Nikitaba Zala
Asst. Prof
Savaliya Viral P.
Asst. Prof
Jaygiri A Goswami
Asst. Prof
Sejal Chauhan
Asst. Prof
Manisha Trivedi
Asst. Prof
Chhaniyara Mehul D.
Asst. Prof
Dr Piyush Mehta
Asst. Prof


  • “Best College of the Year” by Department of Business Management in Management Fest – ‘Samiksha’.
  • “Champion” at Management Fest – ‘Abhyutsha’ organized by J.H.Bhalodia Women College.
  • The Best Knowledge Centre (Library) Award of the State (First Rank) for year 2017.
  • Second Rank in Debate on Vigilance awareness week at AAI (Airport Authority of India).
  • Second Rank in Debate Competition at Saurashtra University Youth Festival.
  • First Rank in National Level Folk Dance Competition in CHRIZILLENZ – Season 4 Organized by  Christ Institute  of Mgt.
  • First Rank , Second Rank , Third Rank in  State Level Management Event – “KSN KONNEKT -2019.  Organized  by  Kansagara Mahila College Rajkot.
  • First Rank , Second Rank , Third Rank in State Level Management Meet -“SAMIKSHA-2019 ”  Organized by  Department of Business Management, Saurashtra University Rajkot.
  • First Rank in Essay Writing Competition on “ Importance of Insurance in Life” By LIC of India 2019.

Research and Publication

Sr no Name National International State books with Total
          Isbn no  
1 Dr Jayesh N Zalavadia 9 8 3 7 27
2 Dr Chirag V Erda 8 3 3 3 17
3 Mrs Alpa V Joshi 18 12 3 6 39
4 Dr Jayen K Thaker 6 14   3 23
5 Dr Jagdish m Mulchandani 8 1 10   19
6 Mr Jay A Ranpura 3 1 4   8
7 Miss Prarthna K Barai 1 1     2
8 Miss Sapna J Devani 2 1     3
9 Mr Bhavin A Popat 1       1
10 Mr Viral R Vyas 3     4 7
11 Chandani Tanna          
12 (Dr) Parth Dave          
13 (Dr) Mehul Chhaniyala          
14 Viral Savaliya 1        
15 Nikitaba Zala          
16 Sejal Chauhan          
17 Jaygiri Goswami          
18 Manisha Trivedi          
19 Dr Sandeep Kumar   4     4
20 Dr Piyush Mehta 6 4   10 20


UCR Visit

Quiz competition (2019) sem 6

Agriculture Event B.Com 1st year 2019


Industrial visit

AVSAR – Management Fest

Empowerment of Girls (EOG)

Student Parliament



Bazaar Builders

Agriculture Model for Innovation & Invention Project

Snap Shot

Sports Week

Adventure Camp


Academic Expansion from 1988 Onwards.

  • 1988

    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.

    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.

    January 2, 1988
    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.
  • 1988

    Commencement of Self Finance.

    Commencement of Self Finance.

    January 28, 1988
    Commencement of Self Finance.
  • 2000

    Science Programs and Management Program.

    Science Programs and Management Program.

    January 28, 2000
    Science Programs and Management Program.
  • 2000

    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.

    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.

    January 28, 2000
    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.
  • 2005

    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.

    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.

    January 28, 2005
    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.
  • 2007

    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.

    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.

    January 28, 2007
    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.
  • 2018

    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY

    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY

    January 28, 2018
    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY


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