26th to 27th October 2023

The International Conference on Emerging Trends and Contemporary Practices is intended to explore
pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges by empowering learners with new
skills, values and attitudes that lead to a sustainable world.

The conference will include educators, leaders, policymakers, teachers, and practitioners from various
disciplines and professions. It will provide a platform to share experiences, stories, and best practices on
numerous facets of sustainability education from a broader perspective taking into consideration global
issues and challenges as well as regional and national realities.



Globally, the technological developments are happening at the rapid pace, inuencing the complete shift
in the way of doing the things. On the one side, the new technology driven development models are
triggering innovation across the industries and sectors. Through this track, we seek research contributions
focusing on new technological developments as well as technology-driven solutions to different social,
economic and environmental problems. We also encourage researchers to critically examine and assess
the application of technology across the different settings with emphasis on arising issues from the use of
technology. More specically one or more dimensions of technology development and its’ application can
be linked to some of the following:

  • Articial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data and edge computing
  • Robotic process automation
  • Renewable energy – wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, biomass, biofuel and
  • E-mobility and sustainable transportation
  • Tech-driven business, social enterprises and other developmental interventions


Sustainability consists of fullling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of
future generations, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social
well-being. Through exclusive track on sustainability, we invite inter-disciplinary research contributions
focusing on identication of sustainability issues and/or proposing the solutions. Some of the indicative
areas are:

  • Business processes and practices for sustainability performance
  • Sustainable infrastructure and real-estate
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable enterprises and triple bottom-line optimization
  • Developing sustainable mindset
  • Education for sustainable world
  • Drivers of sustainability in a particular context


Co-existence is living in harmony and peace with other individuals, systems and nature at large.
Developing co-existential systems and individuals requires not only the appreciation towards rights and
dignity of others but also the logical analysis and interventions to prevent the adverse impacts of race
towards accelerated growth. The human factor is at the core of the co-existential philosophy. In this inter-
disciplinary track, we invite research contributions that investigate one or more of the following:

  • Education and training for co-existential living
  • Comparative philosophies and elements of co-existential living
  • Models and practices promoting co-existence at different levels
  • Systemic interventions for peace and harmony
  • International efforts in promoting co-existence, peace and harmony
  • Factors challenging realization of co-existential living

Atmiya University- सुहदंसवभूताना,ं blessed by His Divine Holiness Shree Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj is
located at Rajkot (Gujarat-India) on a sprawling campus which offers graduate, postgraduate and research
programs in various disciplines under the ablest mentorship of his divinity ParamPujya Tyagvallabh

ATMIYA University a 21st Century spiritual- educational commune is spread over 23.5 acres of land. It is
managed by the Sponsoring Society, Viz. Sarvodaya Kelavani Samaj, Rajkot. This Society also runs
educational institutions ranging from KG to PG and research in the contemporary areas of Science,
Pharmacy, Technology, Commerce, Economics, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences in Rajkot –
Gujarat. Academics at the newly formed ATMIYA University is sure to attain eminence above every seat of
learning since it is formed with the grouping of individual institutions which have already won the praises of
the academicians, patrons, philanthropists, bureaucrats, elected representatives of the State and men of
wisdom from different beliefs by virtue of its antiquity, curriculum, doctrine, privileges, and credentials over
several years.

The University focuses on the Holistic Development of the Students through its Curriculum where values are
placed in the centre and at the same time adopting CBCS and OBE. All UG & PG programmes have
embedded choices from Value Added Courses, Co-Curricular Courses and Generic Elective Courses which
are compulsory, besides Inter-multi & trans Disciplinary along with Core Elective Courses leading to the
transformation in the students.

The entire learning on the Atmiya University campus envisages transformative education through changes

  • Affective behaviour (Value education in every academic & research)
  • Psycho-motor behaviour (Skill development)
  • Cognitive behaviour (Academics, Innovation & Research) in order of priority

Rajkot is the fourth-largest[5][6] city in the Indian state of Gujarat after Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat, and is in the centre of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Rajkot is the 35th-largest metropolitan area in India, with a population of more than 2 million as of 2021.[7] Rajkot is the 6th cleanest[8][9] city of India, and it is the 7th fastest-growing city in the world as of March 2021.[10] The city contains the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot District, 245 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, and is located on the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers.

Major Attractions Nearby

Mahatma Gandhi Museum

Mahatma Gandhi Museum, Rajkot was previously known as Mohandas Gandhi Vidhyalaya, Alfred High School and Kathiawar High School established on 17th October 1853 with 36 students.

Gandhiji completed his graduation from Alfred High School (Kathiawar High School) in the year 1887. Out of 38 students who had passed the high school entrance examination, Gandhiji was one of only two students in his year of matriculate.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum is a grand tribute to ‘Father of The Nation” Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum is operated by joint management of Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and Gujarat Tourism. As a part of the celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi Museum, Rajkot inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi along with Chief Minister of Gujarat Shree Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Shree Nitin Patel on 30th September 2018.

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

A former shooting reserve owned by the erstwhile princely state of Wankaner, Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is today a full-fledged ‘Reserve Forest’. The area is marked with fringes of hillocks around the bordering periphery of the arid shrubby plain land district with grass.

The grassland interspersed with woods is the natural habitat of the big antelope. These animals roam as groups or solo, with their stunning slender body and thick coat of short fur. These are vivacious animals that like to gallop around and remain playful with their acrobatic jumps and graceful leaps. Wolf, jackal, hyena, and the common fox form the major mammal community other than the antelope. During the winter months a leisurely safari through the area can put you face to face with bluebull staring at you in inquisitive wonder.

Over 130 species of birds are found in Rampara. These include partridge, common peafowl, ring dove, large grey babbler, purple sunbird, yellow throated sparrow, which are indigenous varieties of birds inhabiting this area. Bird watchers will get delightfully more than what they bargained for from Rampara.

  • Poster & Brochure Release: 01/01/2023
  • Full Paper Submission: 01/04/2023
  • Acceptance of Full Paper: 01/07/2023
  • Registration & Payment of Fees: 05/07/2023 to 22/07/2023
  • Presentation Submission: 03/10/2023
  • Conference: 26/10/2023 to 27/10/2023

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