About the Conference


The International Conference on Emerging Trends and Contemporary Practices is intended to explore pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges by empowering learners with new skills, values and attitudes that lead to a sustainable world.

The conference will include educators, leaders, policymakers, teachers, and practitioners from various disciplines and professions. It will provide a platform to share experiences, stories, and best practices on numerous facets of sustainability education from a broader perspective taking into consideration global issues and challenges as well as regional and national realities.



The conference will focus on sharing innovative ideas and understanding on sustainability education within the overall objective of realization of Sustainable Development Goals under the current scenario towards positive action for a better quality of life and environment, ultimately leading to SDG achievement and creating a sustainable future for all.

About Atmiya University


Atmiya University- सुहदंसर्वभूतानां,, blessed by His Divine Holiness Shree Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj is located at Rajkot (Gujarat-India) on a sprawling campus which offers graduate, postgraduate and research programs in various disciplines under the ablest mentorship of his divinity ParamPujya Tyagvallabh Swamiji.

ATMIYA University a 21st Century spiritual- educational commune is spread over 23.5 acres of land. It is managed by the Sponsoring Society, Viz. Sarvodaya Kelavani Samaj, Rajkot. This Society also runs educational institutions ranging from KG to PG and research in the contemporary areas of Science, Pharmacy, Technology, Commerce, Economics, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences in Rajkot – Gujarat. Academics at the newly formed ATMIYA University is sure to attain eminence above every seat of learning since it is formed with the grouping of individual institutions which have already won the praises of the academicians, patrons, philanthropists, bureaucrats, elected representatives of the State and men of wisdom from different beliefs by virtue of its antiquity, curriculum, doctrine, privileges and credentials over several years.

The University focuses on the Holistic Development of the Students through its Curriculum where values are placed in the centre and at the same time adopting CBCS and OBE. All UG & PG programmes have embedded choices from Value Added Courses, Co-Curricular Courses and Generic Elective Courses which are compulsory, besides Inter-multi & trans Disciplinary along with Core Elective Courses leading to the transformation in the Students.

The entire learning on the Atmiya University campus envisages transformative education through changes in

  • Affective behaviour(Value education in every academic & research)
  • Psycho-motor behaviour(Skill development)
  • Cognitive behaviour(Academics, Innovation & Research) in order of priority


  • Sadhu Tyagvallabhdas, President, Atmiya University
  • Dr.Sheela Ramachandran, ProC, Atmiya University
  • Prof. (Dr.) Shiv K. Tripathi , VC, Atmiya University
  • Prof. (Dr.) Amiya Bhaumik, President, Lincoln University College, Malasiya

Organizing Secretaries

  • Dr. Jayen Thaker, Atmiya University
  • Dr. Vishal Vora, Atmiya University
  • Dr. Viral Karia, Atmiya University
  • Dr M S Bexci, Lincoln University College, Malasiya

Review Committee

  • Dr. Avradip Chatterjee, Project Scientist, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, California, USA
  • Dr. Saptarshi Roy, Uni. Of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Dr. Eddy Madiono Sutanto, Prof of Management, Petra University, Indonesia
  • Dr. Siana Halim, Industrial Engineering, Petra Christian Universisty, Indonesia
  • Prof. Joltan Pryuser Institute of Physics University of Lods Poland
  • Prof Jeeban Podar Dhaka Institute of Technology – Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Prof Kumar S Sangwal Poland
  • Prof. (Dr.) G C Bhimani -Vice Chancellor, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Sandeep Podar, Lincoln University College, Malasiya
  • Prof. Walter Leal, Founder, IUSDRP, Germany
  • Dr. Lucy Turner, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Dr. Wofgang Amann, HEC Paris, Quatar
  • AI Rosenbloom, Dominician University, Chicago ,USA
  • Dr. Agata, Proessor, Canadian Univeristy, Dubai
  • Dr. Appathurai Narayan Canadian Ligth Source INC , Canada
  • Dr. Jason Hattrick National Institute of Standard and Technology USA
  • Pror Hiren H Joshi, India
  • Prof (Rtd) Mihir J Joshi, India
  • Dr. Pramila Thapa, Former Registrar, Purbanchal University, Nepal
    Advisior of Yeti health sciences Academy Life-skill education institute.


  • Dr. D.J. Pandya – Atmiya University
  • Dr. Shivani Patel -Atmiya University
  • Prof. Dr Abhijit Ghosh, Dean Faculty of Business,Lincoln University College, Malasiya

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Payment of Fees


Sustainable Wellness

It is a research intensive and ever changing field, always striving to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients and novel formulations, for the wellbeing of humanity. The sub themes include regenerative health, sustainable medication, meditation (Yoga), Ayush, Predictive and Preventive health diagnosis and treatment, green chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical waste management and ecology.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable economic growth should ideally begin with sustainable startups and entrepreneurship, Resilient and Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Communication and It should also include Social Entrepreneurship. The role of e-commerce in sustainable business, Green Jobs, Circular Economy, Organic Development, Green Finance, and Green Marketing will lead to Green Economy. The research papers in the above areas will be expected from the researchers.

Indigenous Knowledge System

The sub-themes should include Education and Mythology, Application of Vedic Knowledge Systems in Contemporary Education System, National Education Policy – 2020, Purana Studies, Indian Culture and Sustainability, Culture and Art. Universal Human Values: Happiness in every individual, prosperity in every family, fearlessness in society and coexistence in nature, Application of Universal Human Values in Higher Education.

Sustainable Technology

The subthemes of sustainable technology include agriculture productivity, infrastructure development, Energy conservation, Green Product development & automation, Environment quality, Technology supported sustainable development, data analytics and business intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Digital Social Innovation, Sustainable Design, Green Chemical Process Engineering, Infrastructure for Sustainable Technology.

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Wolfgang Amann, Professor, HEC Paris, Qatar.

Al Rosenbloom, Professor, Dominican University, Chicago, USA.

Dr. Agata Tatiana Stachowicz-Stanusch, Professor, Canadian University, Dubai.

Prof. Keisuke Murakami, Vice President (International Relations), University of Miyazaki, Japan.

Dr. Sandeep Poddar, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation, Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

Dr Lucy Turner, Lecturer in Marine Biology, School of Biological and Marine Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering,

University of Plymouth, United Kingdom.

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We request all the presenters and participants to go through the following instructions:

For Online Participants:

For Offline Participants:

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Last Date of Registration

Rs.250 per Participant (For Indian Author)

$10 per Participant (For Foreign Author)

There are no registration charges for Faculties and Research scholar of partnering universities/institutes.Paper receives of good quality from an international scholar also exempted from registration charges.


* Maximum number of Authors allowed per paper are 3. The above fees are for Online mode of Presentation. If the conference converted into Off line mode and to be presented in onsite form the additional charges may apply for those who choose to present in offline mode.

Important Dates



Full Paper Submission

11th March, 2022

Communication of Acceptance after review by

15th April, 2022

Last Date of Registration by

28th April, 2022

Last date of Presentation / PPT submission by

4th May, 2022

Conference Dates

19th & 20th May 2022 (Thursday – Friday)


Academic Expansion from 1988 Onwards.

  • 1988

    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.

    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.

    January 2, 1988
    Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj has been given responsibility of handling the academics.
  • 1988

    Commencement of Self Finance.

    Commencement of Self Finance.

    January 28, 1988
    Commencement of Self Finance.
  • 2000

    Science Programs and Management Program.

    Science Programs and Management Program.

    January 28, 2000
    Science Programs and Management Program.
  • 2000

    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.

    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.

    January 28, 2000
    Commencement of Engineeriing Program.
  • 2005

    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.

    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.

    January 28, 2005
    Few Polytechnique Courses and Pharmacy Programs.
  • 2007

    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.

    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.

    January 28, 2007
    Commencement of MBA & MCA Program.
  • 2018

    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY

    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY

    January 28, 2018
    Establishment of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY


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