Perseverance and Prayer are the ultimate keys of all kinds of success in any field of life.The perception of the real Prayer from the bottom of the heart is only possible through the association and blessings of the Real Saint or the Spiritual Master. “Yogidham” is such a unique GURUKUL blessed with the divinity and magnanimity of the Lord Swaminarayan and the Supreme Master Swamishree Yogiji Maharaj, the multidimensional progress of students is absolutely assured and granted here.

Furthermore, to be saved from total moral annihilation, we necessitate the God ordained saint, the one who lives in divinity, through whom breathes God and for whom humanity is the religious conviction. We need a spiritual master who understand our inner chaos and crystallize it. The Bible says, “Lord loves love, Lord lives love and Lord lives for love”.

With sincere prayers and blessings for you all to be able to experience and enjoy real peace, bliss and happiness.