Dr. Chitra Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor


M.Sc., DCA, M.Phil, Ph.D
9.0 years (3 years in this institute)
01 (American Society of Microbiology International) Member Id- C-06078621
Fundamentals of Microbiology, Agriculture Microbiology, Biostatistics and Bioinstrumentation & Environmental Microbiology.
The current research activities are focused on understanding of the reduction of pre-harvest infection and aflatoxin levels by A. flavus of groundnut, by using biological control agent (Trichoderma harzianum) as it plays a major role for biofertilizer as well as biocontrol agent. I am trying to explore a microbial product with a dual combination of providing service as fertility enhancement and pathogen control mechanism prepare dual mechanism of microbe into one product. In another research interest, I have working with fungal lipase as usages of detergent additive for industries.
I am meticulous and passionate teachers and researcher of Microbiology with having 9 years of teaching experience. I have 5 years of UG and PG teaching experience in Bhilai Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and 1 year of experience in Rungta College of Science and Technology, Durg, Chhattisgarh as well as 3 years of teaching experience in Gyanyagna College of Science and Management, Rajkot, Gujarat. I have a good track record of teaching in the microbiology department. I am involved in teaching Fundamentals of Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Biostatistics, Bioinstrumentation techniques and Agriculture Microbiology. I have completed on UGC funded Minor Research Project on “A Study of Lipase Enzyme Production and Its Industrial Application”. I am a member of American Society of Microbiology international (Member Id- C-06078621). In my Ph.D. studies, I optimized the physical and nutritional parameters by using statistical tool Response Surface Methodology to produce and enhanced the activity of lipase enzyme isolated from agriculture soil, the work is extended by purification and characterization of lipase for the application study of detergent derivatives. And during my Ph.D. studies, I have secured 3rd position in poster presentation at National Seminar. In my M.Phil. thesis, I studied biochemical changes occurred in sesame seeds due to the storage from Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, ICAR lab, Jabalpur (M.P.). So I am eagerly pursuing in the fields of agriculture microbiology into organic farming practices, enzyme technology and drug discovery by using bioactive compounds of plant parts. I have guided 12 M.Sc. Dissertation Projects and 14 UG students in various topics. I have served as Organizing Committee Member in 6 National Seminars/Symposium/Conference and Workshop organized by the college. My UG students got awarded silver medal in Sate Level-2 SciTech Competition for the formulation of herbal hand sanitizer and poster presentation. I always endeavour to achieve highest standard possible, at any given task in any situation. I am adapted to working with multiple projects at the same time.
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