An alliance of academic institutions for sustainable development in the Global South.

EASD-An Introduction

Launched in 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the global development roadmap till 2030. Since the launch of the SDGs, the different stakeholders have been actively engaging in developing collaborative and contextual adaptation strategies for realization of the relevant targets and indicators in their respective areas. The ‘context’ plays important role in developing and implementing strategy for SDGs. The experience shows that despite cultural and geographic variations, the countries across the Global South face somewhat similar challenges in terms of resources required for effective capacity building and research related to SDGs. United Nations has initiated exclusive South-South cooperation through UNOSSC. SDG 17 (Partnerships for Goals), particularly 17.16 and 17.17 clearly highlight the need for multi-stakeholder and cross-border innovative partnerships for SDGs.

Higher Education is considered as an important area for effective implementation of the goals both directly (SDG 4) as well indirectly through capacity building and research to support implementation of rest of SDGs. Currently, higher education institutions in Global South are increasingly engaging in teaching, research and outreach related to SDGs. However, the pace and quality of the efforts can be significantly increased through active action-partnerships among the institutions of Global South. Also, through the collaboration, better results can be realized at less resources.

Realizing the greater need for collective cross-border academic partnerships in post COVID-19 scenario in Global South countries, Atmiya University, Rajkot (Gujarat) joined hand with other founding institutional and strategic partners in form of South-South 17: Educational Alliance for Sustainable Development (SS17-EASD), which we commonly refer to as EASD. The EASD was launched on 5th January 2022 by signing partnership MoU with the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat during International Conference of Academic Institutions (Pre- Vibrant Gujarat Conference).

Through SS17-EASD, we agree to work on a common platform to drive collaborative efforts, for training, capacity building, research and outreach on identified SDG related issues in the Global South. We aim to complement the efforts of other stakeholders (including alliances and initiatives) globally in effective implementation of SDGs. If interested, please join us in our journey towards sustainability together.

Why this Initiative?

  • Currently no such Global South focused initiative in higher education for SDG adaptation.
  • Helps in optimizing resources through collaborative knowledge and action initiatives.
  • Focuses on contextually relevant issues with perspective of developing and emerging economies.
  • Supports accelerated capacity building and knowledge transfer in Global South.
  • Strengthens the institutions in enhancing relevant and impact of their respective SDG initiatives.
  • Helps in building an eco-system for innovative action cutting across the different SDGs as per the need.

Focus Areas

  • Uniform academic credit-transfer system among institutions for cost-effective quality higher education among the partner institutions.
  • Joint research and knowledge dissemination on identified research themes related to SDGs.
  • Collaborative training and capacity building related to SDGs.
  • Creating collective-action projects, involving different stakeholders, for making positive impact across different SDG areas. Facilitating student and faculty exchange among partner institutions.
  • Creating and sharing best practices of SDG implementation across different contexts.
  • Jointly creating opportunities for funding and resource support for development related projects on identified areas.

Who can be Alliance Member?

  1. Member: Academic institutions and universities from Global South countries.
  2. Support/ Strategic Partner: NGOs, Businesses, Alliances and Initiatives, Development Agencies, Academic institutions/Universities (other than Global South)

Participation Fee?

  • There is no participation fee. It is a voluntary initiative.
  • Members or Support/Strategic Partners will create project/initiative specific funding mechanism as per the need.
  • To establish a coordination unit in their respective institution with a Coordinator.
  • Participation in at least one collaborative project with another member/ support organization (s) in the network.
  • Creating own funding mechanism for the collaborative projects/ initiatives.
  • Reporting annually on the achievements/ progress on their respective projects.
  • Participating in annual meetings/ conferences and regional events.
  • Facilitating local programmes and initiatives as they deem fit.
Support/ Strategic Partners
  • To support member institutions in the projects/ initiatives on mutually agreed basis to the extent possible.
  • Participation in at least one collaborative project with another member/ support organization (s) in the network.
  • Reporting annually on the support/ contributions made to the initiative.
  • Facilitating local programmes and initiatives wherever required.
  • Participating in annual meetings/ conferences and regional events.

How to Participate

Interested institutions/ organizations should submit signed letter of consent for participation The letter should be on institutional letter-head and should be signed by the highest ‘executive authority’ or ‘authorized signatory’ of the institution/organization/ alliance.

Founding Partners

  • Atmiya University, Rajkot, India
  • SDG Choupal (Nagrik Foundation), India – Strategic Support Partner
  • K J Somaiya University, Mumbai
  • M L Sukhadia University, Udaipur
  • Berlin School of Health Sciences – Support Partner
  • Humanistic Management Network, Switzerland – Support Partner
  • Saito University College, Malaysia


  • Dayanand Sagar University, India
  • Swiss Learning Exchange – Supporting Member


The SS17-EASD Secretariat
Atmiya University
Yogidham Gurukul
Kalawad Road,
Rajkot, Gujarat – 360005,

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