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About Department

Vision & Mission


The objectives of the department is to provide competency-driven education along with a core component for growth and success. The department focuses to equip students with knowledge of accounting, taxation and finance to enhance their skills like entrepreneurial, managerial and analytical thinking. One of the important objectives is to leverage knowledge and resources to provide experiential learning, immersion and other collaborative opportunities to the learners for their best professional and career development.

Graduate Attributes

  • Core Competence: Possess discipline-relevant knowledge and competencies and able to link them to local, national and global issues to seek positive and sustainable solutions

  • Transferable Global & Impactful Societal Skills: Ability to create knowledge through research and innovations by social immersions and transferring them to impact through problem solving at local and global levels.

  • Adaptability and Resilience: Demonstrate resilience, perseverance and positivity in unfamiliar situations and adapt their skills and knowledge to excel in new environment

  • Sense of Purpose & Curiosity: Possess intellectual curiosity to apply the knowledge to generate, develop and realize new ideas

  • Ethics & Lifelong Immersive Learning: Adhered to highest standards of ethics and always amenable to new ideas and actively seek out new ways of learning

Program Educational Outcomes

M.Com programme will produce Post Graduates who:


Depth and breadth of knowledge: will be capable to creatively apply the knowledge of commerce as well as other related discipline for his professional and research career


Practice, Operation and usage of modern tools and technology: will contribute in the field of accounting, taxation and finance in designing, developing and providing solutions for complex environments of industries.


Professional capacity and passion of learning: are flexible and adaptable in different work environments, prepared to acquire, develop, employ and integrate new technologies and exhibit leadership and team work quality.


Research, numeracy, scholarship and data literacy: will exhibit ethical behaviour consistent with academic honesty and use of appropriate guidelines and procedures with responsible conduct of research.


Global, moral and aesthetic sustainability: will have love for learning in pursuance of excellence in all domains of life.

Program Outcomes

After completion of the M.Com programme the Post graduate will:


Domain Knowledge: Acquire in-depth, systematic and rigorous learning, exposure and competence in commerce discipline.


Problem analysis: Able to identify problems related to accountancy, finance, and taxation and to analyse and derive valid conclusions with fundamental knowledge in commerce


Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems: Demonstrate the ability to plan, execute and engage holistically through an all encompassing knowledge impartation related to commerce and allied discipline in a scientific way, required for further research at a higher level


Modern Tool Usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern tools for research or production purpose with an understanding of the limitations


Environment and Sustainability: Analyse global environmental problems and critically evaluate evidence to formulate and organize sustainable strategies


Ethics : Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the commerce


Individual and Team Work: Exhibit leadership qualities with ability to function effectively as an individual and in a team.


Communication: Present research results to a technically literate audience by means of presentation, poster, report or any other form for dissemination of information


Life-long Learning: Able to integrate and appraise information/knowledge from a variety of sources throughout the life

Program Specific Outcomes

After completion of the M.Com programme the Post graduate will:


Be able to inculcate the knowledge of business and the techniques of managing the business with special focus on accounting, finance, taxation etc.


Be able to apply the acquired knowledge to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions in commerce.


Be able to translate commerce know-how to address environmental, ethical, intellectual property rights, societal issues and good governance practices


Be able to develops skills in application of research, its analysis and capabilities in application oriented research for business decisions

Faculty profile

Dr. Vishal Khasgiwala

Professor (Dean of Faculty of Business and Commerce)
Ph.D, MBA, MCA,ADCA, B.Sc.(Comp. Sc. (Hons.), FDP-IIM(I)
Exp:23 Years (Academic) + 4 Years (Industry)

Dr Jayesh N Zalavadia

Associate Professor (Head of The Department - Commerce)
P.hd. MSC( Maths), BED, DCS, Mphill ( Maths)
Exp:26 Years

Dr. Amisha Ghelani

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Commerce), M.Com., MBA (Human Resource Management), BBA, NET (Management)
Exp:16 Years

Dr. Nirali Shaileshbhai Gathani

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Com., B.Com.
Exp:3 Year

Mr. Pranav Ramnikbhai Raythatha

Assistant Professor
Exp:12 Years (Academic) + 1.5 Years (Industry)

Mr. Pratik Pravin

Assistant Professor
Ph. D. (Pursuing), M.Phil.(Commerce), M.Com.(Finance), B.Com. (Banking & Finance), GSET (Commerce), NET (Commerce)
Exp:3 Years

Dr. Minal V. Bhojani

Assistant professor,M.phil,Ph.D
Exp:8 Years

Ms. Nirali Shah

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pursuing), UGC NET - Commerce , M.Com. (Accountancy), B.Com. (Accounting and Finance)
Exp:4 Years


Academia &Teaching - NET, SET, B.Ed., Research Scholar, Fellow, Ph.D., D.Litt.

Banking and Finance - Economics, Finance, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking

Analytics - Business Analytics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Quantitative Finance, Financial Engineering

Financial Services - Financial Modeling, Credit Analysis, Investment Management, Corporate Finance

Management - MBA with specialization

Sales and Marketing - Sales, Advertisement, Communication & PR

Law - LLB, Corporate Laws, Taxation, Litigation, Regulations & Compliances

IT - MCA, MSC-IT, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Animation, Accounting Software, SAP

Professional Courses - Accounting - CA, CS, ICWAI, ACCA, CIMA, CMA, CMA, CPA

Banking - PGCB, DBFS, CBM

Finance - CFA, FRM, FMA, FMVA, ChFC

Entrepreneurship - Start-ups

Research and Publication

Research Paper Publications;

Sr. No. Faculty Name  Journal Name Paper Title Publication Year
1 Mr. Mehul Dineshbhai Chhaniyala Shrey Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research A study of risk appetite among investors in Jamnagar City 2021
2 Mr. Mehul Dineshbhai Chhaniyala Recent Trends An Impact of Pre-Brexit and Post-Brexit on Indian Capital Market with reference to Infosys company Ltd. 2020
3 Mr. Mehul Dineshbhai Chhaniyala UGC CARE-Group-I  An Analysis on Efficiency of Selected Public Sector Banks with Reference To DEA Approach. 2022
4 Mr. Mehul Dineshbhai Chhaniyala Internal Journal Multi Disciplinary Journal of Applied Research  An Impact of Brexit on Indian Capital Market: A Review of Literature. 2021
5 Mr. Mehul Dineshbhai Chhaniyala Internal Journal Multi Disciplinary Journal of Applied Research  An Impact of Pre-Brexit and Post-Brexit on Indian Capital Market With Reference to Indian Capital Market. 2022
6 Dr. Amisha Chintan Ghelani Ayudh Publication Sustainable development and Green Human Resource Management 2023
7 Dr. Amisha Chintan Ghelani Ayudh Publications Application of Basic Statistical Tests in Research and Data Analysis in the Commerce Discipline 2023
8 Dr. Amisha Chintan Ghelani Atmaj Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with Technology, Sustainability and Co-existence 2024


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2 Industrial visit 2024-03-21 View
3 Alumni Talk 2024-03-13 View
4 IGNITE 2024-03-12 View
5 Expert talk-SNJ Pvt Ltd 2024-02-21 View
6 Industrial Visit 2021-12-27 View
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8 Social Visit 2021-10-29 View
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10 Addiction - Darkness Behind Happiness 2021-10-01 View
11 Resume Building Seminar 2021-09-29 View
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15 Student Induction Program 2021-08-21 View
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Department Infrastructure




1 Twinkal Ramani Sports: Taekwondo And Judo Rank : 1 Date: 5/2/2006 To 19/7/2021
2 Vivek Shekha NCC: Kabaddi, RunRank: 1 Date: 1/5/2021 Event By: Hasmukh Patel, Sujit Kumar.
3 Raju Jalu Sports: Kabaddi Rank: 1 Date: 11/2/2020 To 28/7/2021 Event By:Inter School Kabaddi
4 Presha Khant Performing Arts & Visual Art: Atmiya Avsar Rank: 2 Event By: Atmiya University
5 Raju Jalu Literary Competitions: Inter School Quiz Compilatio Rank: 1 Date: 16/10/2019 To 24/7/2021
6 Presha Khant Performing Arts & Visualart: Rank: 1 Consortium-2020
7 Krish Parmar Performing Arts & Visualart: Tyohar Ka Tashan Rank: 1 Date: 16/8/2020 Event By: Tyohar Ka Tashan
8 Dhruvil Gadara Sports: Handball Rank: 1 Date: 22/9/2018
9 Yash Gadara Sports: Karate Event By: Khel Mahakumbh-2019 Rank: 1 Date: 16/9/2019 Cash: 5000 Certificate And State Level Selected Player
10 Om Khachariya Sports: Cricket ,Indian Cricket Academy Jaipur Rank: 2 Date: 22/1/2019 To 28/1/2019 Event By: National Cricket Tournament
11 Hitarth Vaghasiya Sports: Running Rank: 1 Event By: Atmiya University
12 Priyansh Dodiya Adwitya, Aaradhana, Alekh21 Rank: 2 Date: 18/2/2021 To 20/7/2021 Event By: Atmiya University
13 Darshil Nanera Sports: Handball Rank: 3 Date: 20/7/2021 To 30/10/2018
14 Shyam Manvar Management Fest, Atmiya Adritiy Rank: 1 Date: 9/12/2020 To 16/12/2020 Event By: Atmiya University
15 Naimish Maniar Online Courses (Swayam, Nptel, Coursera Etc.) Cineflix/Atmiya Aradhana Rank: 1 Date: 23/10/2020 To 24/10/2020 Event By: Atmiya University
16 Krish Parmar Performing Arts & Visual Art, Tyohar Ka Tashan Rank: 1 Date: 16/8/2020 Event By: Tyohar Ka Tashan
17 Nandini Shrivastav Sports: Kabaddi,Khel Mahakumbh, Rajkot Sports Fiesta. Rank: 3 Date: 26/9/2016 To 24/10/2019 Event By: Khel Mahakumbh, Rajkot Sports Fiesta
18 Mahek Vora Literary Competitions, Manthan Ideathon From Atmiya Abhigyan Rank: 3 Date: 27/2/2021 To 28/2/2021 Event By: Atmiya University
19 Mahek Vora Performing Arts & Visual Art, Dandiya Decoration Competition Under Atmiya Aaradhana Rank: 3 Date: 17/10/2020 Event By: Atmiya University
20 Pratik Chavda Sports: Kho Kho, Khel Mahakumbh Rank: 3 Event By: Dholakiya School
21 Jay Parekh Sports: Cricket, Annual Cricket Tournament Rank: 2 Event By: VJ Modi School
22 Presha Khant Performing Arts & Visual Art, Atmiya Avsar Rank: 2 Event By: Atmiya University
23 Presha Khant Performing Arts & Visual Art: Consortium-2020 Rank: 1 Event By: Atmiya University
24 Priyansh Dodiya Literary Competitions, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Rank: 1 Date: 12/8/2021 To 14/8/2021 Event By: Atmiya University