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Vision & Mission


Graduate Attributes

After completing this programme, a student will be able to develop an ability to:

  • Comprehend fundamental concepts and hands-on techniques of the state-of-the- art AI methodologies.
  • Design and build real-world AI systems involving automated reasoning, planning and decision making for solving application-specific problems
  • Conceive, Design and Develop Intelligent multi-modal multi-sensory Man Machine interfaces
  • Design, Develop and Deploy machine learning based applications using structured and unstructured data
  • Understand and Assess reliability, dependability and trust-worthiness of AI-based systems
  • Design and develop AI applications for resources constrained environments
  • Adhere to evolving ethics and privacy laws across various governments and territories.
  • Plan and manage technical projects

Program Educational Outcomes

  • PEO-1: To employ expertise in engineering to resolve various industrial and technological problems.
  • PEO-2: To build up an ability to analyze the requirements, understand the technical specification, design and provide novel engineering solutions and produce efficient product design.
  • PEO-3: To reveal professionalism, ethical attitude, strong communication skills and maintain good teamwork spirit in the profession.
  • PEO-4: To interact with the peers in industry and society as engineering professionals and leaders to set up technical ambience in the society.
  • PEO-5: To employ skill with a strong base to prepare them for higher learning and research activities.

Program Outcomes

  • PO-1: Required expertise and knowledge of advanced computing and applications of engineering
  • PO-2: Necessary skill set to design and conduct scientific experiments as well as to analyze and interpret numerous data sets.
  • PO-3: An ability to function or lead multidisciplinary team, work cohesively and produce results.
  • PO-4: An understanding of lifelong learning, professional development, social and ethical responsibility
  • PO-5: The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  • PO-6: Graduates are able to participate and succeed in various competitive examinations for research and development.
  • PO-7: An interest to investigate complex problems, deriving joy from learning and discovering new things.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO-1: Able to develop efficient and effective solutions which meet the requirement of the society and the upcoming demands of industries
  • PSO-2: To prepare the students towards serving the globalised technological society and Promote research based projects in the emerging areas of technology convergence.
  • PSO-3: Make valuable contributions to design and develop in the practice of computer engineering and related engineering applications, particularly in software systems and algorithmic methods.

Faculty profile

Tosal M. BHalodia

Head of Department
M.E. – C.E. , B.E. – C.E.
Exp:10 Years

Debalina A. Nandy

Assistant Professor
M.Tech - C.E. , B.E. – CE
Exp:10 Years

Ankit K. Kalariya

Assistant Professor
M.Tech - CSE , B.E. – CE
Exp:8 Years

Rupal J. Shilu

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:6.5 Years

Nirali P. Borad

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:5.5 Years

Sadhana V. Sorathiya

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:5 Years

Rahul V. Vora

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:5.5 Years

Janak H. Maru

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:6.3 Years

Ambrish A. Patel

Assistant Professor
M.E. – C.E., B.E. – C.E.
Exp:6.5 Years


The scope of aspirants after completing M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering is bright. The candidates can find large number of job opportunities after completing M.Tech in Computer Engineering. The candidates can also pursue higher education after M.Tech in Computer Engineering.


Higher Studies After M.Tech In Computer Science Engineering


The aspirants can continue their higher studies by opting to do Doctoral programs. Many universities in India provide Doctoral programs for candidates in M.Tech Computer Science. Some institutes have entrance test for admissions for Ph.D programs.


Career After M.Tech In Computer Science Engineering


There are numerous opportunities for candidates after completing M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. The candidates can find job opportunities in both private and public sector firms. The candidates can find lot of openings in software sector. The candidates can work in different areas in the software industry. Some of the employment areas for candidates after completing M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering are listed below.

  • Application Development
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • CGI Special Effects Technician
  • Client-Server Systems Manager
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Systems Specialist Supervisor
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Processing Departmental Manager
  • Database Administration
  • Director of IT
  • Game Developer
  • Hosting Service Management
  • IT Employee
  • Medical Software
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • Network Administrator
  • QA Tester
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • SAP ABAP Programmer
  • Software Developer and Many More.


Government Job Opportunities After M.Tech In Computer Science


The aspirants can find many opportunities in public sector. Many public sector firms recruit candidates with M.Tech in Computer Engineering. Some of these companies are ONGC, ISRO, BHEL, ECIL, DRDL, SAIL, etc. The candidates can also appear for various competitive exams like public sector bank tests, UPSC, SSC, etc. The aspirants who are interested in teaching can take up jobs in various government colleges.


Private Sector Jobs After M.Tech In Computer Science


There are huge openings in private sector for candidates of computer science engineering. The candidates can find opening in companies like Infosys, TCS, IBM, Wipro, HCL, Accenture, etc. The candidates can find many job opportunities abroad as well.

Research and Publication

1 Prof. Tosal M. Bhalodia Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing IEEE
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Security Problems and Encounters in Physical system National Conference (LTNCS-17)
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2 Prof. Debalina A Nandy Security Challenges in Big Data National Conference (LTNCS-17)
Security Problems and Encounters in Physical system National Conference (LTNCS-17)
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3 Prof. Ankit K. Kalariya Digital image watermarking using DWT based DCT technique Elixir International Journals
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Review Paper on Digital Image Watermarking Techniques NCEETM - 2015 - Indus University
Personality Prediction Based on Twitter Information International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology(IJARSCT)
5 Prof. Nirali Borad A Review on: Multi-Agent System for Multi-Keyword Search and Blind Storage IJSER
A Review on : Multi-Agent System for Multi-Keyword Search and Blind Storage INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TREND IN INNOVATIVE RESEARCH (IJTIIR)
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6 Prof. Sadhana Sorthiya A Review on Clock Synchronization Prortocols in Distributed System National Conference
7 Prof. Rahul Vora A Review Paper on Virtualization Is Related with Cloud Computing Structure NCRTEMPAS-2107
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An era of Big Data on Cloud Computing services as utility: 360 degrees of Review, Challenges and Unsolved Exploration Problems ICTIS-2015
8 Prof. Janak Maru A brief history of the different types of noise model International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
9 Prof. Ambrish Patel Reducing power consumption & Delay aware resource allocation in cloud datacenters Journal of information, knowledge and research in computer engineering


Sr. No. Event Name Event Date Photo Gallery
1 test 2022-11-17 View
2 Webbers Club: Expert Session On Basics Of HTML5 And Introduction To Bootstrap 2021-12-24 View
3 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav 2021-12-13 View
4 Cyber Security Club Event: Session Of Password Cracking In Linux And Windows 2021-12-10 View
5 Industrial Visit 2021-11-27 View
6 Mongodb workshop 2021-11-01 View
7 Amazon web service workshop 2021-10-29 View
8 Fuel free day 2021-10-27 View
9 Python Club Event: Workshop On Basics Of Python 2021-10-17 View
10 Health Consciousness Expert Session for 1st year students 2021-10-13 View
11 Promising career in digital marketing 2021-09-28 View
12 Android Club: Workshop On Basics Of Android 2021-09-16 View
13 Gajanan Mahotsav 2021-09-10 View
14 Dewang Mehta IT award 2019-02-01 View

Department Infrastructure


1 Raj Dhirajbhai Vora Cybercom Creation
2 Romil Ashvinbhai Hirapara Cybercom Creation
3 Chauhan Viral Rameshchandra Cybercom Creation
4 Dhruv Harsukhbhai Dhuliya Esparkbiz Technologies Pvt Ltd
5 Deepkumar Dhirubhai Thumar Ilaxo
6 Harsh Mukeshbhai Savaliya Cybercom Creation
7 Dharmanshu Hiteshkumar Mer Cybercom Creation
8 Monil Chandulal Vaishnani Esparkbiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
9 Vivek Virendrakumar Mehta Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
10 Bhavin Gajubhai Dihora Ilaxo Software Solutions
11 Mihir Rajeshbhai Vyas Theappguruz
12 Bhavna Lakhabhai Modhavadiya Sharepoint Empower
13 Manthan Jaysukhbhai Limbasiya Simform Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
14 Hiren Khodbhaya The Appguruz
15 Akshar Dipakbhai Dodiya Theappguruz
16 Dharmik Niteshbhai Bharakhda The App Guruz
17 Apexa Sanjaybhai Savaliya The Appguruz
18 Nitin Ramchandra Manvani Virtue Infotech
19 Kishan Ashokbhai Mehta Js Techno
20 Gadhiya Milan Rameshbhai The One Technologies
21 Dhara Bhaskarbhai Vaya Harikrishna Trade Links
22 Jaydev Jayeshbhai Joshi Keycybr
23 Dhaval Sabapara Keycybr
24 Raijada Adityarajsinh Rupeshkumar The Appguruz
25 Karishmaba Nayansinh Raijada The Appguruz
26 Kothari Nishi Shaileshkumar Teqstars Technologies
27 Kayada Mitesh Ibl Infotech
28 Yagnik Nagajibhai Sojitra Infydots Technologies
29 Hemali Hiteshbhai Bhagdev Vivekananda College
30 Chirag Keshavjibhai Halapara Bansi Photo Lab
31 Hetvi Yogesh Joisar Soar Technologies
32 Nirav Rameshbhai Gondaliya Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd
33 Meet Maheshbhai Dhruv Allianz Cloud
34 Yogesh Kumar Solanki Allianz Cloud
35 Harsh Bhagavanjibhai Korat Aegis Software
36 Nitin Ramchandra Manvani The Appguruz
37 Chintan Lalitbhai Trada Shiv Infotech
38 Bhakti Trambadia The Appguruz
39 Pushpam Umesh Patel Vardaam Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd
40 Milan Hitesh Jotva Logistic Infotech Pvt Ltd
41 Bhargav Kamleshbhai Raiyani Shiv Infotech
42 Jeel Virendrakumar Shah Moon Technolabs
43 Nirav Rameshbhai Gondaliya Icecube Digital
44 Romil Ashvinbhai Hirapara Icecube Digital
45 Jaydev Jayeshbhai Joshi Volon
46 Vikram Nileshbhai Vora Searce
47 Harsh Bhagavanjibhai Korat Xomic Infotech
48 Devang Yogeshbhai Rajyaguru Rk Infotech
49 Shreya Hirpara Kuber accounting software
50 Parva Manishbhai Raijada Infosenseglobal
51 Dev Pankajkumar Joshi 9series Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
52 Harsh Nileshbhai Bhatt ISRO
53 Nirali Mahendrabhai Joshi Radixweb
54 Dev Ravibhai Dave Codevision Technologies Pvt Ltd
55 Dev Ravibhai Dave Brainvire Infotech Pvt Ltd
56 Twisha Hiteshkumar Solgama Parmeshwar Electrotech Pvt. Ltd.
57 Dharmesh Prafulbhai Marthak Tark Technologies
58 Mahek Ranchhodbhai Ardeshna Alian software
59 Kelvin Hareshbhai Kakadiya Yudiz solutions Pvt Ltd


1 Hasti Patel Rangoli Competition 1st Rank In Rangoli Competition During Gajanan Mahotsav -2021
2 Niraj Bhatt And Team Treasure Hunt Got 1st Rank In Treasure Hunt Competition
3 Hasti Patel Our Rajkot 3rd Rank In Video Making Competition In Our Rajkot Competition
4 Dishitaba Zala Garba Competition Got Consolidated Price In Garba Competition – 2021
5 Rajvi Kotecha Ssip Grant & Patent Register Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi
6 Hasti Patel Quiz Competition 1st Rank In Quiz Competition Organized By Fobc
7 Anirudhsinh Vala Fast & Furious Quiz 1st Rank In Fast & Furious Quiz