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Graduate Attributes

  • Gain and apply the knowledge of Management, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management to find solution of complex business problems.
  • Ability to apply, understand and use modern tools of management and technologies.
  • Ability to face the modern-day challenges in management of business.
  • Design, identify, formulates, research and analyze complex business problems to reach substantiated conclusions.
  • Ability to develop skills of leadership, communication, problem solving and team work.

Program Educational Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Global Perspective - Recognize the need to adapt business practices to the opportunities and challenges of an evolving global environment.
  • Ethical Perspective– Demonstrate ability to recognize and identify ethical conflicts, apply ethical reasoning and assess response options relative to the needs and interests of relevant stakeholders to address issues in a business context.
  • Critical Thinking– Identify, evaluate, analyze, interpret and apply information to address problems and make reasoned decisions in a business context.
  • Communication Skills– Communicate in a business context in a clear, concise, coherent and professional manner.
  • Core Business Knowledge– Apply business discipline knowledge in an integrative manner to business problems.
  • Disciplinary Business Knowledge– Demonstrate the understanding and ability to apply professional standards, theory, and research to address problems within specific concentrations.

Faculty profile

Dr. Vishal Khasgiwala

Dean – FOBC
MBA, MCA, B.Sc. [Comp. Sc(Hons.)], Ph.D., FDP(IIM-I)
Exp:23 Years

Dr. Piyush Mehta

Associate Prof. & Head
M.Com., M.Phil., SLET, NET, Ph.D.
Exp:20 Years

Dr. Jayesh N. Zalavadia

Associate Prof. & Head
M.Com., M.Phil., SLET, NET, Ph.D.
Exp:20 Years

Dr. Alpa V Joshi

M.Com., M.B.A., M.Sc. (Value Education), M.Phil., NET, Ph.D.
Exp:16 Years

Dr. Chirag V. Erda

M.B.A., M. Com., PGDIBO, NET, Ph.D.
Exp:17 Years

Dr. Jayen K. Thaker

M.Com., B.Ed., NET, Ph.D.
Exp:20 Years

Mr. Jay A. Ranpura

M.A. (English), Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Exp:8 Years

Mr. Bhavin A. Popat

M.Com., CA (Final), SET
Exp:15 Years

Ms. Sapna J Devani

M.B.A., M.Phil., SET, NET
Exp:5 Years

Mr. Mehul D. Chhaniyara

Exp:4 Years

Mr. Viral P. Savaliya

M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed., M.Phil. (Maths), M.Phil. (Stat.)
Exp:14 Years

Dr. M Sandeep Kumar

M.B.A., MLM, M.A., Ph.D.
Exp:16 Years


  • B.B.A. / B.B.A. (Honors) are skilled based programs that can prepare students to successfully work in Management positions in many big corporate as a ready professional and move on ladder for higher position with an experience.
  • It allows students to specialize in one of the multiple areas such as Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management.
  • It trains to the students to be base for startup and ready resource for family business.
  • Student can pursue his/ her Master degree (M.B.A) after the B.B.A/ B.B.A. (Honors) which is often desired by employers for positions such as CEO or COO.

Research and Publication

Sr no Name National International State books with Total
          Isbn no  
1 Dr Jayesh N Zalavadia 9 8 3 7 27
2 Dr Chirag V Erda 8 3 3 3 17
3 Mrs Alpa V Joshi 18 12 3 6 39
4 Dr Jayen K Thaker 6 14   3 23
5 Dr Jagdish m Mulchandani 8 1 10   19
6 Mr Jay A Ranpura 3 1 4   8
7 Miss Prarthna K Barai 1 1     2
8 Miss Sapna J Devani 2 1     3
9 Mr Bhavin A Popat 1       1
10 Mr Viral R Vyas 3     4 7
11 Chandani Tanna          
12 (Dr) Parth Dave          
13 (Dr) Mehul Chhaniyala          
14 Viral Savaliya 1        
15 Nikitaba Zala          
16 Sejal Chauhan          
17 Jaygiri Goswami          
18 Manisha Trivedi          
19 Dr Sandeep Kumar   4     4
20 Dr Piyush Mehta 6 4   10 20


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Department Infrastructure


  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • AXIS Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)